Discover the work, passion and secrets behind the production of Giovanna Tantini’s most iconic wines, where the first and only consideration is quality, and every decision is made only after asking the question: “Will this make wine better?”

Tour and tasting of the 6 wines

Experience in the vineyard, to learn about the company’s philosophy. Tasting of the 4 typical DOCs of Lake Garda, and of the 2 IGTs dedicated to children: Ettore and Greta which, due to in-depth study over the years, have characterized the company’s strong identity.


2013-2020 Bardolino Vintages

In vertical tasting 8 vintages of Bardolino, crowned by the Bardolino of the “La Rocca” sub-area 2020, selection of selections. Each vintage is unique and unrepeatable, it is the expression of the difficult harvest choices that determine the correct moment for the harvest.

Picnic In The Vineyard

After a visit to the vineyard and the winery where we will tell you briefly the history of the company, you can enjoy a magical moment of relaxation sitting in the shade of our pergola vineyards

4x4 vineyard experience + wine tasting

Discover the beauty of the vineyards that stretch between the municipalities of Castelnuovo del Garda and Sona, in the province of Verona, on the morainic hills overlooking Lake Garda on a 4×4 tour.

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