This is the Prince amongst the wines we produce. We’ve been producing Bardo- lino since 2002, and we always wait at least 18 months after the grape harvest before putting it on the market. This allows for the correct re nement pro- cess, rst in steel and afterwards in bottles. Over the years our Bardolino has progressively ensured long life while maintaining and developing it’s original characteristics. This permits us to have 2 or 3 different years on the market simultaneously, giving rise in recent years to vertical Bardolino tasting.

Yields per hectare (ql/ha)

Grapes types Corvina, Rondinella
Soil Glacial (morainal) , gravelly, calcareous and alluvial
Altitude 100 metres above sea level
Training system Guyot
Exposure South
Yields per hectare 90 ql/ha
Curing of the Vines

Special attention paid to caring for the young plants in the months before darkening, the yield is assessed before harvesting. The gra- pes are selected based on their maturation components

Harvest period

Mid September, beginning October;
rst selection

Harvest type

The grapes are picked by hand and placed
in trays


Separate vini cation for each grape variety, hand-picked at phenolic maturity. Fermen- tation at a controlled temperature of 26°C which is followed by a brief maceration. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
The blend of wines is done at the end of fer- mentation respecting Production Discipline


In stainless steel vats for 15 months and
3 months in bottle

Degustation notes

Colour: intense ruby
Nose: notes of cherry and wood berries Mouth: good persistence, soft, balanced

Food matching

Food matching: risottos, meat, tortellini, cheese, dumplings, sh, chestnuts and mushrooms

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